Stuart Turner

Stuart provides consulting and coaching services to individuals, teams and organisations wanting to continually learn and improve. He is dedicated to helping people be happy and has worked for startups and Global 100 companies in the UK before moving to Singapore in 2011. He has been writing and delivering software for over 20 years on products for low-latency financial investment trading, financial modelling, operational risk and 3D computer aided modelling.

Edwardcher Monreal

Edwardcher is an Agile Practitioner, System Integration Expert & Security Consultant working in APAC. He maintains an intrinsic passion for finding Pragmatic Technologies that composes to solve practical problems especially in the field of Software Development. He has more than a decade worth of experience working in the trenches delivering Solutions & Services to Telecoms, Banks, Enterprise and the Government with synergies in NFC, TSM and Mobile Financial Services.

Stanly Lau

Stanly organises monthly Agile community meet-ups in Singapore since 2010. He has been developing software for the past 9 years and in the past few years, focusing on training and coaching companies adopting Agile practices. He has experienced working in education, military, insurance, banking, public safety and logistics domains. He is learning everyday about technologies, human behaviour and making espresso and he can't stop doing these.

John Lim

John is a software developer who is passionate about his craft. Even with many successful projects under his belt, there was always the nagging feeling that something was not quite right. The missing pieces fell into place after he was introduced to Agile principles and practices. He has not looked back since. Now an agile practitioner, John helps teams transition to Agile Software Development, building a sustainable team culture to go with it.

Slawek Rogulski

Slawek is a software developer. He is a problem solver and an all round deep thinker always looking for the right abstractions. After 15 years of enterprise software development he is still enjoying the craft. Lately he has developed a passion for building great teams, what makes them tick and what tips the scales from a group of smart people to a top flight team? An even bigger challenge that has occupied him on occasion is reconciling the rhythm of developing software with the rhythms of the business without compromise. He was born in Poland, raised in Australia and now "stays" in sunny Singapore.


Thye is a web designer who creates engaging visual experiences for web applications and products. While he has been doing brand identities and packaging design for clients such as F&N, Yeo Hiap Seng and Energizer since 2007, Thye's growing interest for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship has led him to work with Singapore-based startups and communities, such as Crowdonomic, DropMyEmail, SelfSpark and Startup Club.

Thye believes that creating meaningful experiences for users is one of the key pillars towards a web product's success and is passionate about bridging his design thinking and talent into collaboration with web developers and user experience designers. Thye is also known in the circle as the designer with the black hat.